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What is AS-11 DPP?

AS-11 DPP is a subset of the AMWA Application Specification AS-11 written to satisfy the needs of UK broadcasters for the delivery of finished programs. The The Digital Production Partnership (DPP), comprising the BBC, Channel Four and ITV, and with the support of Sky and BT Sport, developed the DPP subset of AS-11 to constrain the media format and to extra metadata required for their workflows.

Using the AS-11 DPP specification as the basis, a practical plan was developed that would support a successful change to file based delivery of content to broadcasters in the U.K. A process to confirm a product’s compliance and a means to demonstrate this were identified as two important activities. The DPP’s test lab considers the compliance of products to the AS-11 DPP specification, and the AMWA Certification authority authorizes the use of logos and grants the rights to manufacturers to make certain claims regarding the compliance of their products. A link to the AS-11 rules used for testing by the DPP is provided below. Additional information for manufacturers is provided in the Quick LInk, 'Supplier Information' in the box above.

What AS-11 DPP Product Certification Means for Your Business
From: AMWA on YouTube

What does an AS-11 DPP Certificate mean?

The DPP have been very specific in stating what an AS-11 DPP certificate means within the context of their compliance tests.

Important Notes about this Certification

  • It is very important that the user reads the Test Report for the product/version they are interested in.
  • The AS-11 UK DPP shim specification hosted by AMWA now also hosts the Rules for Conformance. This is a new representation of the UK DPP Shims specified in AS-11, available at: http://www.amwa.tv/projects/rules/as-11/
  • The Rules for Conformance are used as the final point of reference in cases of discrepancy with the AS-11 specification or ambiguity in the specification.
  • Products are tested against the HD Shim only (At this time), and for the file format only, and so are completely content agnostic.
  • Further details about DPP testing leading to Certification can be found at: http://www.digitalproductionpartnership.co.uk/what-we-do/technical-standards/compliance-programme/

What a Certificate means

  • The capability of a product/version to read and/or write files to “AMWA AS-11 UK DPP” HD Shim (SD Shim files not yet covered) has been tested by the DPP Compliance Lab and all the tests performed, as documented in the Test Report under the specified operating conditions have either “Passed” or “Passed with Conditions”.

What a Certificate does NOT mean

  • All modes and features of the product have been tested.
  • All files produced by a Certified Writer are always fully conformant to the “AMWA AS-11 UK DPP” Shims.
  • All files from Certified Writers will always work correctly with Certified Readers.