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The work of the AMWA seeks to solve business problems through technical solutions. This frequently results in the creation of a technical specification. To create a specification, or family of specifications, projects are set up with input from both end users, industry suppliers and independent consultants. Current and past project areas are listed below.

NMOS logoNetworked Media Incubator project
AMWA's Networked Media Incubator is a project to deliver a family of Open Specifications for Networked Media, known as NMOS. Information on both the project and its output can be found at NMOS.tv

Here you will find details of

  • Our public specifications, including those which are work in progress
  • The open, collaborative Networked Media Incubator project which is actively creating these
  • How to become involved
  • Industry organisations which support the principle of open specifications
  • Media companies and their suppliers which are participating in the project
  • Explanatory overviews and information on the modules which make up the development work

FIMS logo FIMS | View FIMS Projects
FIMS project is a joint project of the AMWA and the European Broadcasting Union. The AMWA Media Services Architecture Group (MSAG), was responsible for providing information on architectures and best practices for enterprise-level software technology in digital media workflows. The work of MSAG group led to the formation of the jointly-sponsored FIMS project.

Any company can join and participate in the FIMS project. It is free, doesn’t require membership in AMWA or EBU. The only requirement is to sign a FIMS Participation Agreement.