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AS-02: MXF Versioning

AS-02 MXF Versioning Brief Description (pdf) Download the brief description

AS-02 MXF Program Delivery Specification (pdf) Download the specification

AS-02 addresses the problem of having a common file format in a facility that has to handle many input formats and make many output formats.

An AS-02 asset can be used as a master file, and different versions derived as needed. Versions may carry different languages and subtitles, or could carry different language title and credit sequences.

The design of AS-02 recognizes that individual facilities are likely to have some variations, specifically in the types of codecs and essence that are allowed. Also, variation is expected in the specific metadata rules and audio channel arrangements. For that reason, the AS-02 specification includes a shim specification that takes the rules of AS-02 and further constrains them for use in a facility.

Extra metadata and content that is not MXF-wrapped can stored in the ‘extra’ folder. This could be used for example for caption files, Q.C. reports and scripts.