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AS-03: MXF Program Delivery

AS-03 MXF Program Delivery Brief Description (pdf) Download the brief description

AS-03 MXF Program Delivery Specification (pdf) Download the specification

The MXF Program Delivery Specification, AS-03, is a vendor-neutral subset of the MXF file format to use for delivery of finished programming from program producers and program distributors to broadcast stations. AS-03 Files are intended to be delivered in their entirety to be cached before playout.

AS-03 files contain defined sets of metadata for identification of content and for verification of content versus progam traffic metadata that is delivered separately.

The specification can be further constrained by a “shim”. Each shim provides a set of constraints that reduce the range of variability that may be needed in well-defined categories of applications. These categories may address particular type of programming or programming genres, or they may address requirements of particular broadcast station groups, for example defining bit rate, aspect ratio, and sound essence schemes.