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AS-10: MXF for Production

AS-10 MXF for Production Brief Description (pdf) Download the brief description

AS-10 MXF for Production Specification V1.1 (pdf) Download the specification

Making our News Business Faster, Cheaper and more Flexible. A Conversation with Turner’s Michael Koetter, Vice President of News Technology Planning & Development, about MXF for Production, AS-10 (pdf, 25k)

MXF for Production, AS-10 is an Application Specification establishing a common MXF file format for a typical end-to-end production workflow including camera acquisition, server acquisition, editing, playout, digital distribution and archive. AS-10 was developed at the request of CNN, Harmonic and Sony and aims for backward compatibility with existing MXF based systems & devices that have already been deployed.

AS-10 is subset of the MXF format originating from Sony XDCAM HD RDD9 that can be used by all production workflow components without the need to transcode or rewrap.

A reference implementation (file creator, validator, golden files) will be made available to AMWA members.