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AMWA and EBU have formed a Joint Task Force on a Framework for Interoperability of Media Services (FIMS) in TV Production.

While the market is moving away from traditional videocentric technologies in favour of IT based ones, the design and management of enterprise level production systems is still a challenge for most broadcasters. A main obstacle has been identified in the lack of standard interfaces between components and systems that forces system integrators to devote consistent resources in the development of custom adapters to integrate components from different vendors. This in turn generates scalability and maintenance problems as the substitution or upgrade of one component can require further adaptation expenses.

The EBU, through the P/NP group, is evaluating the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a system design pattern that is believed to offer the potential for greatly improved interoperability over the current system design practices based on proprietary interfaces.

AMWA has set up a Media Services Architecture Group (MSAG) with a similar mandate.

Therefore, as both EBU and AMWA have similar activities and intents, the two organizations have agreed to engage in joint efforts in order to gather a broader consensus between users and manufacturers and to join knowledge and resources to better fulfil the assignments.

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