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BCP = Best Current Practice
(a practices that is to define and ratify the community's best current thinking on a statement of principle or best way to perform an operation or process function)

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AMWA Specification Process This Best Current Practice (BCP) describes the AMWA’s Specification development process, including how work is initiated, levels of AMWA documents, and types of AMWA Specifications. The goals of the AMWA Specification process are 1) interoperability, 2) satisfying business needs, 3) technical robustness, 4) reusability and composability, and 5) timeliness.

This Best Current Practice (BCP) describes the AMWA's specification development process. This document is, itself, a Best Current Practice.

Project Owner:
Brad Gilmer, brad.gilmer@amwa.tv
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NMOS Interoperable API Security These Best Current Practices describe how to secure NMOS API communications in an open, interoperable way between different manufacturers and implementations.